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2016CH3NH3PBI3 IV Output Parameters Degradation InvestigationOrlova, M.N.; Didenko, S.I.; Saranin, D.S.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Krukov, A.Y.; Kolesnikov, A.V.Article6074
2015Film Growth Based on an Organic Basis for Photovoltaic p-CellsOrlova, M.N.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Kolesnikov, V.A.; Desyatov, A.V.; Saranin, D.S.Article5131
2015Investigation of the Irradiation Influence with High-energy Electrons on the Electrical Parameters of the IGBT-transistorsMurashev, V.N.; Konovalov, M.P.; Legotin, S.A.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Krasnov, A.A.; Kuzmina, K.A.Article3646
2015Silicon Photodetectors Matrix Coordinate Bipolar Functionally Integrated StructuresMurashev, V.N.; Legotin, S.A.; El’nikov, D.S.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.Article3331
2015Optimization of Energy Conversion Efficiency Betavoltaic Element Based on SiliconKrasnov, A.A.; Legotin, S.A.; Omel’chenko, Yu.K.; Didenko, S.I.; Murashev, V.N.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Yurchuk, S.Yu.; Yaromsky, V.P.; Popkova, A.V.Article3447
2015Heterostructure Active Area Optimization by SimulationRabinovich, O.I.; Didenko, S.I.; Legotin, S.A.; Fedorchenko, I.V.; Osipov, U.V.Article2223
2015The Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics Simulation of the Silicon p-i-n-structure with High ResistanceLegotin, S.A.; Murashev, V.N.; Yurchuk, S.Yu.; Yaromskiy, V.P.; Astahov, V.P.; Kuz’mina, K.A.; Rabinovich, O.I.; El’nikov, D.S.; Osipov, U.V.; Krasnov, A.A.; Didenko, S.I.Article2320
2015Microchannel Structures of Betavoltaic Silicon ConvertorsStarkov, V.V.; Legotin, S.A.; Krasnov, A.A.; Murashev, V.N.; Omel’chenko, Yu.K.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Laryushkin, A.S.Article2339
2015Silicon Betavoltaic Batteries StructuresMurashev, V.N.; Legotin, S.A.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Abdulaev, O.R.; Osipov, U.V.Article3031
2015Heterocyclic Polymers Perspectives in Nanolayers of Donor Acceptor Heterojunction for Organic Photovoltaic ApplicationOrlova, M.N.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Saranin, D.S.Article3119
2015The Current-voltage Characteristics Simulation of the Betavoltaic Power SupplyUrchuk, S.U.; Krasnov, A.A.; Legotin, S.A.; Didenko, S.I.; Murashev, V.N.; Omel’chenko, U.C.; Osipov, U.V.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Popkova, A.V.Article3036
2015Analysis of the p-i-n-structures Electrophysical Characteristics Influence on the Spectral Characteristics SensitivityMurashev, V.N.; Yurchuk, S.Yu.; Legotin, S.A.; Yaromskiy, V.P.; Osipov, Yu.V.; Astahov, V.P.; El’nikov, D.S.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Kuz’mina, K.A.Article2631
2014Peculiarities of betavoltaic battery based on SiMurashev, V.N.; Mordkovich, V.N.; Legotin, S.A.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Krasnov, A.A.Article42127
2014Thermal and Magnetic Field Sensors Based on Injection-coupled DevicesMurashev, V.N.; Legotin, S.A.; Ivshin, P.A.; Tapero, K.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Elnikov, D.; Krasnov, A.A.; Kuz’mina, K.A.Article16079
2014Monolithic Silicon Photodetector - Detector of Ionizing Radiation Based on Functional Integrated MOS StructuresLegotin, S.A.; Murashev, V.N.; Didenko, S.I.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Elnikov, D.S.; Krasnovska, A.A.; Bazalevsky, M.A.; Koltsov, G.I.; Kuzmina, K.A.Article121132
2014Impurity Influence on Nitride LEDsRabinovich, O.I.; Legotin, S.A.; Didenko, S.I.Article10863
2014Photosensitive AlGaAs / GaAs Structures Grown by Molecular Beam EpitaxyBazalevsky, M.A.; Koltsov, G.I.; Didenko, S.I.; Yurchuk, S.Yu.; Legotin, S.A.; Rabinovich, O.I.; Murashev, V.N.; Kazakov, I.P.Article15467