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2021 Analysis of Territories Marketing Activities Among Small and Medium Business: A Bibliometric Analysis Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Jasnikowski, A. Article 2092109566 2021439742
2021 Changing behavioral attractors for digital technologies of territories marketing Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Ясніковські, А.М.; Діденко, І.М.; Корощенко, В.О. Conference Papers 49527285 33811227
2021 Comparative Analysis of Marketing Communications Changes under the Influence of Covid-19 Nesterenko, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Moskalenko, A.O. Article 5362 4415
2021 Consumer Behavior in Digital Era: Impact of COVID-19 Rahmanov, F.; Mursalov, M.; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna Article 152180435 1765980856
2021 Creative as a determinant of the marketing communication tools development Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Nesterenko, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Kropyva, Viacheslav Viktorovych Conference Papers 2236944 4083341
2023 The EU Cohesion policy and healthy national development: Management and Promotion in Ukraine Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna Monograph 1107608124 2026799917
2022 Financial Market Trends as a Part of Regional Development: Manifestations of Behavioral Reactions and Impulses Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Jasnikowski, A.; Kropyva, V.; Deryzemlia, M. Article -34436117 627757108
2021 Forming Trust in the Medical System Through Marketing Activities of Medical Institutions of Certain Territories Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Jasnikowski, A.; Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Koroshchenko, V.; Savchenko, I. Article 469587784 -1971348265
2020 Health threats in the European region and their economic impact: lessons for Ukraine Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Lazorenko, V. Article -1352551817 1592847534
2020 Impact of highly qualified personnels migration on economic and innovative development Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Stoyanets, N.; Butrym, O. Conference Papers 136565815 60904653
2021 The impact of territories transformational processes on marketing communications development: bibliometric analysis Nesterenko, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Yasnikovski, Adam Marian; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Koroshchenko, V. Article 221661761 162504254
2014 Import substitution as a means of image forming: Forecasting of prospects of industrial enterprises Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Kysil, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Kysil, Tatyana Vladimirovna; Kolodka, Anna Vitaliivna Article -1017702069 1644379365
2020 Improving the Classification of Digital Marketing Tools for the Industrial Goods Promotion in the Globalization Context Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Rybina, Olena Ivanivna; Derykolenko, Anna Oleksandrivna; Makerska, V. Article 1540950061 840156115
2023 Influence of Waste Incineration and Obtaining Energy from it to the Public Health for Certain Territories: A Bibliometric and Substantive Study Matvieieva, Yuliia Tahibekivna; Sulym, Viktoriia Vasylivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Jasnikowski, A. Article 27969 65903
2020 Marketing activities features for different classification types of business structures Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Chykalova, A. Conference Papers 1344480 1599298
2021 Marketing communications in the context of entrepreneurial activity: bibliometric analysis Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Nesterenko, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Kropyva, Viacheslav Viktorovych Article 73159546 -532466547
2023 Marketing in the Digital Environment Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Olefirenko, Oleh Mykhailovych; Bondarenko, Alla Fedorivna; Minchenko, Mariia Hennadiivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Artiukhova, Nadiia Oleksandrivna; Derykolenko, Anna Oleksandrivna; Khaba, Anna Petrivna Textbook -1874093575 -1044016083
2020 Marketing services mix for healthy territories: Europe – Ukraine features Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Letunovska, Nataliia Yevhenivna; Ясніковскі, А.М.; Моісеєнко, Д.В. Article -1989141803 -1106079131
2021 Methodical Tools Research of Place Marketing Via Small and Medium Business Development Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Khomenko, Liliia Mykolaivna; Jasnikowski, A.; Dmytruk, K. Article 651032104 -1829089944
2016 Oсобливості застосування математичних методів та моделей у процесі аналізу біржових ринків Syhyda, Liubov Oleksiivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna; Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna Article -737255354 -105308210