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2019 Analysis of lexical-semantic and stylistic devices of fairy tales by Oscar Wilde Reshytko, Anna Dmytrivna Article -992009060 916252968
2023 Business communication: translation and legalisation of official documents Kulish, Vladyslava Serhiivna; Prokopenko, Antonina Vadymivna Schoolbook 21 2
2016 Compression as a translation technique Korotun, A. Conference Papers -221699534 -15200100
2017 Cultural Aspect of Communication and Translation Semeniuk, A.A. Article -2048132972 -847080156
2015 Der Aktuelle Entwicklunsstand Der Linguistischen Forschungen In Der Germanistik: Ein Uberblick Shchyhlo, L.V. Article 1577175193 1323805700
2023 Difficulties of translating medical scientific texts by foreign students: problems and ways to overcome them Pylypenko-Fritsak, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Khaldi, A.Z. Conference Papers 790 423
2012 Englsih and American modern slang. Peculiarities of translation Гавриленко, Анна Володимирiвна; Гавриленко, Анна Владимировна; Havrylenko, Anna Volodymyrivna Conference Papers -985932684 -1986233030
2012 Grammatical peculiarities of contract translation Kozlovska, Hanna Borysivna Article 177560926 42299359
2008 In Search of Translators’ Efficiency Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna Article 740058568 -1447783568
2017 Iнcтрукцiя лiкaрcькoгo зacoбу: cтруктурнo-кoмпoзицiйний, лекcикo-cемaнтичний i переклaдaцький acпекти Medvid, Olena Mykolaivna; Вoлинcькa, К.I. Article -1070693338 1146236630
2015 Lacunarity vs. translation Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna Conference Papers -1234150936 679613242
2021 Linguistic localization of translation in cinematic texts Pavliv, O.R.; Brovkina, Oksana Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 7266865 4994645
2021 Literalism in translation Makarenko, V. Conference Papers 30143405 5032313
2014 On the Status of Translation Terms Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna 1522225357 1232602127
2013 On the Status of Translation Terms Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna Article 144748748 2044515485
2014 Particularities of poetical translation Sklyanychenko, T.; Kyrychenko, Olena Anatoliivna Conference Papers -1117755657 -844642612
2023 Peculiarities of reproducing expressive means in political speeches traslation Baranova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna; Nazarenko, Olena Viacheslavivna; Макаренко, В. Article 5989 4915
2018 Peculiarities of the Author’s Fairy Tale Translation from English into Ukrainian Kovalenko, I.Yu.; Baranova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna Article 1250245670 1890019991
2017 Peculiarities of the paroemiological units vs translation Shvachko, Svitlana Oleksiivna; Khaba, N.V. Article 2126847927 -657362332
2021 The Problems Of Translating A Business Correspondence Karpenko, M. Conference Papers 153194219 -148570931