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2021 Borrowings manipulative potential Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Article 491272 621742
2012 Business English for International Finance Mylenkova, Rymma Volodymyrivna; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Schoolbook 1817739641 1749809575
2021 Current trends and current problems of training educational managers Tsekhmister, Ya.; Malatsai, I.; Nechitailo, I.; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Korol, O.; Statsenko, Н. Article 328992892 560623905
2013 English on-line Olympiad as a new method of students’ knowledge assessment Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Пономаренко, Марина Вікторівна; Пономаренко, Марина Викторовна; Ponomarenko, Marina Viktorivna Article 1061436286 1061709009
2016 Features of foregrounding of the communicator’s status in English conflict discourse Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Honcharova, Ye.S. Article 80996132 68136487
2014 Foregrounding of the category of emotiveness in the modern English publicistic discourse Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Юрко, Юлія Вікторівна; Юрко, Юлия Викторовна; Yurko, Yuliya Viktorivna Article 142736981 -1555852587
2020 Functional features of the inverted word order in the English discourse of fiction Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Ashcheulova, T.V. Article 67422141 21376794
2023 Genre and stylistic markers of Ukrainian folk jokes Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Baranova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna; Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna Article 10 0
2014 Grammatical and lexical constituent of pre-election discourse Popova, Olena Volodymyrivna; Prykhodko, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Article -798085046 1367956626
2013 Interiorized Self-evaluation as explication of self concept Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Article -918618156 -268845776
2014 Justice and Law Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna Schoolbook -583313880 1024071420
2020 Justice and Law Kobiakova, Iryna Karpivna; Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Kulish, Vladyslava Serhiivna Schoolbook -892853391 -764243202
2017 Lexical Peculiarities of the English Written Educational Discourse Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Kozolup, I. Article -362691393 -463073895
2017 Linguistic and pragmatic features of English chat communication Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Rudych, V. Article 868599647 947232623
2017 Linguistic and pragmatic specifics of contact establishing in American corporate culture Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Pavlenko, T. Article 1991768552 1279893229
2022 Linguopragmatic features of the competitive debate Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Smolianiniva, V.A. Article 6 1
2021 Linguopragmatic features of the modern news release Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Новітченко, Валерія Олександрівна; Новитченко, Валерия Александровна; Novitchenko, Valeria Oleksandrivna Article 471340466 -1437003775
2017 Lingvopragmatic potential of ironic statements in the English disourse of fiction Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Maga, T. Article 17820553 35641765
2015 Metaphor as a potent means in realization of tactic of insult (on the basis of English political discourse) Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Філоненко, Аліна Сергіївна; Филоненко, Алина Сергеевна; Filonenko, Alina Serhiyvna Article 45509224 31860398
2015 Morphological representation of an implicative component in advertising (on English ad copy basis) Yemelianova, Olena Valerianivna; Shcherbak, E.Yu. Article 369140446 141260607