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2018 Analitical view of online marketing tools in the dimension of marketing campaigns' personalization in Slovakia Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R.; Fedorko, R.; Rigelsky, M. Article -141348 168714466
2023 Analysis of the Impact of Advertising on the Change of Voter Behavior of Consumers (Voters) in The Slovak Republic Gburova, J.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R.; Tomasova, M. Article 704753 704791
2021 Can Negative Word-of-Mouth Have Any Impact on Brand Sustainability? Kakalejcik, L.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 1363873012 -200687138
2022 Consumer Shopping Motive Identification: Study of Webrooming vs. Showrooming Olearova, M.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 434358796 31860503
2021 Differences in the Perceived Financial Risk Factors between Digital Natives in the E-Commerce Fedorko, R.; Skerhakova, V.; Markova, S.; Bacik, R.; Fejercak, L. Article 443823413 -2092916440
2024 Examination of Content Types and Social Media Engagement Indicators on Facebook: Case Analysis of a 5-Star Hotels of Visegrad Group Countries Nastisin, L.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R. Article 2270 5051
2020 Hotel Marketing Policy: Role of Rating in Consumer Decision Making Bacik, R.; Fedorko, R.; Gavurova, B.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M. Article -78581342 -583488103
2023 Identifying the Relationship Between the Use of Mobile Technologies and Time: A Study Based on a Sample of OECD Member Countries Olearova, M.; Bacik, R.; Gavurova, B.; Rigelsky, M. Article -1477978970 1250807637
2019 Impact of Ancillary Services on the Hotel Rating in Visegrad Group Countries Fedorko, R.; Bacik, R.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M.; Breyl, P. Article -629812077 -1774760929
2017 Innovation of shopping experience based on smartphone behavior in purchasing process Bacik, R.; Kakalejcik, L.; Gavurova, B. Article -542549539 -430792195
2019 Management of Competitiveness and Economic Performance Based in the V4 Countries Bacik, R.; Kloudova, J.; Gonos, J.; Ivankova, V. Article -2060364830 -1352334138
2019 Marketing Instrument of Improving Hotel Management Service: Evidence of Visegrad Group Countries Bacik, R.; Kmeco, L.; Richard, F.; Olearova, M.; Rigelsky, M. Article -630190917 538745320
2021 Political Marketing: Impact of Public Relations on the Change in Voter Behaviour of Consumers (Voters) Bacik, R.; Gavurova, B.; Gburova, J. Article -104637315 -544275494
2019 Public administration in EU: harmonization of income taxes Korecko, J.; Bacik, R.; Voznakova, I. Article 1546150692 1607252842
2020 Using Digital Devices in the Online Shopping: a Study of Demographic Differences Bacik, R.; Gavurova, B.; Fedorko, R.; Olearova, M. Article 123116941 -656924044