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2019 Changing in Consumer Loyalty as a Reaction for EU Integration in Slovakia Korcsmaros, E.; Machova, R.; Šeben, Z.; Feher, L. Article 519906 402968
2017 Client groups in the early stage of the lifecycle of business relationships on the advertising market Huszarik, E.S.; Jozsa, L.; Hevesi, A. Article 120605 43068
2022 Competitiveness and Innovations in Foreign Trade: a Case of Apples from Slovakia to Czechia Brodnanova, R.; Rovny, P.; Moroz, S. Article 2265 3329
2017 Creativity in practice in the context of applied management methods and tools Kosár, S.T.; Machová, R.; Šimonová, M. Article 1407106 1234120
2020 The Future of TV Advertising Targeting Young Slovak Consumers Miklosik, A.; Starchon, P.; Vokounova, D.; Korcokova, M. Article -1571879352 1908935416
2020 Interconnection of Consumer Behaviour of Different Generations and Marketing Strategy of a Football Club – Experience in Slovakia Zsigmond, T.; Korcsmáros, E.; Machová, R.; Šeben, Z. Article 13490244 20793700
2020 Management of Innovations in Finance Education: Cluster Analysis for OECD Countries Mihalcova, B.; Gallo, P.; Lukac, J. Article 1235669658 423569383
2019 Promotion of Euro Introduction in Slovakia: Financial Literacy of Generation X and Y Korcsmaros, E.; Seben, Z.; Machova, R.; Feher, L. Article -224016872 -236245263
2021 The Regional Innovations Governance: Slovakia with Regard to Convergence Criteria Korcsmaros, E.; Machova, R.; Seben, Z.; Zsigmond, T. Article 105450 278764
2018 Slovak retail business across panel regression model Mura, L.; Marchevska, M.; Dubravska, M. Article 184266 105257
2019 The Potential of Using Bluetooth-based System as a Part of Proximity Marketing in the Slovak Republic Gajanova, L.; Nadanyiova, M.; Kliestikova, J.; Olah, J. Article -630873583 -1596829679
2020 Using Digital Devices in the Online Shopping: a Study of Demographic Differences Bacik, R.; Gavurova, B.; Fedorko, R.; Olearova, M. Article -496621814 252061650
2007 Управління ліквідністю банківської системи: досвід Словаччини Сомик, А.В. Article 202814 202865